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A Multi-Screen, Multi-Media Theatrical Performance

Flirting with dark mysticism, sublime horror and existential tragedy, Madrelingua follows a Maiden Prophet caught in a seeming loop of nightmarish cataclysm, as she foretells civilization’s doom from the fall of Troy to the teetering American Empire.

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Interspersed with adaptations from Greek texts, Madrelingua fuses cinematic theatre with renaissance, baroque chiaroscuro, and tenebrism painting styles; an epic with phantasmagorical characters of diverse gender, sexuality and body, represented by a LGBTQ+ cast.  

Jocelyn Woods

The Director

Jocelyn Woods (she/they) is the queer multi-disciplinary theatre artist, actor, teacher, vocalist and mastermind mystic directing Madrelingua.

She has a severe, extremely rare Neuromuscular Disability that makes it impossible for her to move through her day without aid, but this doesn’t prevent her from creating works that shatter societal paradigms surrounding disability, sexuality and the absurd.


Founder of the Theatre of Ecstasy, she has worked on The Fool’s Riddle, Gravitons, and Isle of Lesbos, which she also directed and performed in.


Madrelingua is her opera prima as a film director in which all of her previous work becomes fused.

Jocelyn Woods is a non-binary woman, semi-housebound and bed-ridden, in a tiny town in rural Vermont, writing, directing, and acting in an insane multi-screen art project.

And we are making a documentary about her.

This is a documentary about an individual that regardless and perhaps in spite of major physical obstacles is able to gather people that believe in her and embark in an insane-project with her.


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